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The Spice Club Basil Seed 100g (Pack of 2)

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  • Sabja Seeds Help in Weight Loss.,
  • Basil Seeds For Healthy Skin.,
  • Basil Seeds for Acidity.,
  • Basil Seeds For Diabetes Treatment:.,
  • Sabja Seed Reduces Constipation.,
  • Basil seeds for Hair.,
  • Cooling Effect in Summertime.,
  • Basil Seeds Have Good Nutritional Values.,
  • Tukmaria Seeds As Detoxifying Agent.,
  • Anti-inflammatory Properties of Sabja Seeds.,
  • Antispasmodic Properties of Basil Seeds.,
  • Tukmaria Seeds for Dental Health.,

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  • Basil Seed is also called as Sabja Seed, Tukmaria.Sabja Seeds, Sabja Ginjalu, Sabja Vethai, Falooda Seeds, Arabic Falooda Seeds.,Selashi Tukmaria.,Hazbo.,Tuk Malanga Seeds, Tukmalanga Seeds., Basilic Cultive, Basilien Kraut.. Health Benefits of Basil Seeds


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