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Satinance Citrus (Orange & Lemon) Aromatherapy Bathing Bar (Transparent) 100g – Sulphate, Parabeen, SLS free, No Added Perfume & Colour

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  • No Added Perfume, No Added Colour
  • No Sulphate, No Parabeen, No SLS.
  • Hand Made Bathing Soap.
  • Soft on Skin. Harness the Soothing and calming effects of Essential Oils.
  • Natural Fragrance.


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  • Soft On Skin : Harness the soothing and calming effects of essential oils.
  • For best Results, Take Satinance Citrus Aromatherapy Bathing Bar, roll it over your hands for Lather
  • Then apply the lather over your body and let it remain for 2-5 min, Rinse away with warm water

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