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Sakthi Coriander Powder 50gm + Vathal Pulikulambu Powder 50gm + Sundakai Vathal 100gm

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Specifications: coriander powder is used as addition to Gravies, Curries potato salad, flavored rice, vegetable dishes. Sundakkai Vathal: this can be used for a side dish for curd rice, curd semia. Sundakkai Vathal can be used for the preparation of Vathal Pulikulambu. Regular consumption of Sundakkai Vathal is good for health, tangy & spicy Vathal Pulikulambu.

Sundakkai Vathal Sundakkai, (solanum Torvum) salt, curd, spices.


  • Shelf Life: 6 Months


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The Sakthi masala Product is fresh and authentic.

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