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The Spice Club Moringa & Curry Leaf Dosa Mix 200g + Tomato Dosa with Brown Rice Mix 200g + Rava Dosa Mix 200g- No Preservatives, 100% Natural

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  • 100% Natural, No Preseservatives, No Artificial Colors, No Artificial Ingredients
  • Medium Glycemic Index Food, Saves Time, Suitable for all ages.
  • Food Advisable for Diet Conscious and Diabetics.
  • Just add Water., Subtitue for White Rice Dosa
  • Taste along With The Spice Club Delicious and Nutritious Chutney Powders
  • Shelf Life : 10 Months

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  • Culinary Uses : Take 100g of The Spice Club Dosa Mix and add 150ml (Approx) of Water and add one teaspoon of curd, Mix well and marinate the same for minimum 1 hours, Then you can prepare the dosas in low flame. Now Serve the delicious The Spice Club Tomato Dosa with Desired chutney. Also you can prepare idly with this mix.

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