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The Spice Club Pappad Fryums Cumin 250g (pack of 3) (Crunchy and Tasty, Ready to Fry)

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  • Bowl is not for Sale, It is for Display only.
  • The Spice Club Provides Delicious Pappads and Fryums to Both Kids and Adults.
  • Cumin Flavour Pappad makes Good Snack Food.
  • Shelf Life : 6 months., Storage instructions: store it in air tight container or Refill and keep it away from moisture.
  • Directions to Fry: Heat oil till the desired temperature is reached and deep fry and take it out quickly. If Need spicy add Red chilly powder after fry.

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  • Rice Flour,Starch,Spices Mixed(Jeera, Chilli powder,Asafoetida),Edible Common Salt,Edlble Vegatable Oil(pamolein),raising agent(INS 500(ii)and Acidity regulator(INS 330)

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